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Exploits Community Employment Corporation is a non-profit agency that provides Supported Employment Services to persons with developmental disabilities. We have been in operation since 1986 and are partnered with the Provincial Government and the Corporate/Employer community. The Exploits Community Employment Corporation operates under an elected Board of Directors composed of Professionals, Business Persons, parents and persons with developmental disabilities


  • To assist people with developmental disabilities to gain access to employment opportunities which provide meaningful work in integrated settings for equitable pay with long term security;
  • To provide support for people with developmental disabilities in their employment;
  • To promote economic and community development leading to the employment of people with developmental disabilities;
  • To encourage and develop autonomous enterprises involving the employment of people with developmental disabilities;
  • To establish long term financial security for the Corporation.

How does it work?

Following an assessment and identification of the individuals' interests and abilities, the employment Corporation staff begin a process of job search and matching; approaching suitable and appropriate potential employers on behalf of the individual. The program is explained to the employer and options are provided for the employment of the individual.

The individual must go through an interview process, either alone or assisted by Corporation staff. Upon successful acceptance of an employer the individual then becomes an employee of that particular employer.

It will be determined through consultation between the individual, caregiver, Corporation staff and the employer, whether the individual needs a job coach or whether employer supports are sufficient to help and guide the individual. Depending on the individual's ability the level of supports may eventually be reduced. Where possible the goal is for the individual to perform assigned duties and responsibilities independently. Job coach support will be provided for the individual for as long as is necessary.

How does the individual benefit?

Individuals benefit by achieving financial gains, experiencing social interaction and feeling productive. Employment improves quality of life, leads to independence, and the ability to exercise personal choice. Having a meaningful job enables individuals to earn a decent income and be recognized for their contribution as employees, colleagues and valued community members.

How does the employer benefit?

A hard working, dedicated employee is an asset to any employer. Individuals with developmental and/or cognitive delays are in most cases very reliable and enthusiastic workers. A Job Coach is provided at no extra cost that will not only train the individual, but will also assure that the employer's standard work quota will be met. Long-term follow up and support from the Employment Corporation staff is also provided. Employers gain public recognition as an Equal Opportunity Employer as well.

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